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Age of Discovery is supported by the supporters of the Truth Movement. All proceeds go to support the Truth Movement. Age of Discovery can be downloaded from our archives for $4.99 at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/age-of-discovery

Viewer Support Questions

I’m unable to purchase a ticket

First, try re-loading the page. Then, make sure your browser’s popup blocker is disabled, or adjust your settings so you allow popups for Ustream.tv

How can I turn off my popup blocker?

Click on the Pop-up Blocker itself (usually in the tool-bar), and it should give you the option to turn off/on.

What is PPV?

PPV is Ustream’s Open Pay Per View product, which enables all broadcasters to set a price and provide access to live videos. This means users can go to Ustream, find a live show or recorded event, and pay to access that live show.

How do I view a PPV event?

You can watch a PPV event by purchasing a ticket using PayPal for that event on that broadcaster’s channel page. PPV events can only be viewed on the Ustream website. If you wish to attend a PPV event that takes place in the future, you can pre-purchase a ticket. Once you’ve done that, on the day of the event, all you’ll have to do is login to watch. If the event is happening now, buy a ticket and you will automatically gain access to the show. PPV is currently unavailable via mobile phone.

What is a ticket code?

A ticket code is given to you after you purchase a ticket to a PPV event. You can assign it to your account, which means you’ll be using your account to watch the event, or you can give the ticket code to a friend as a gift. Your friend will need to log into Ustream and tie it their account instead. One ticket code per user, so two different people will not be able to use the ticket code.

Can I buy multiple codes?

There’s one ticket assigned per user, so no, you cannot share your ticket with others. However, if you’ve purchased multiple ticket codes, you can distribute those to friends, and each friend needs his/her own code.

Can I share my ticket with others?

One ticket per user, so no, you cannot share your ticket with others. However, if you’ve purchased multiple ticket codes, you can distribute those to friends, one code per friend.

Where can I see my ticket code?

You can always access your ticket code by logging into your account, going to your Dashboard, and then clicking on Purchased Content. Identify the PPV show you are slated to attend and you’ll see your ticket code beneath the event description.

Did my payment go through?

If your payment went through successfully, you will have reached a ‘Confirmation’ page and will receive an email from Ustream for a receipt. You can also check by going to your Dashboard, clicking on Purchased Content and then clicking on Payment History. We work with PayPal as our payment processor, so if your payment did not go through, they should give you a real-time update, simply log into your PayPal business account.

What am I supposed to do on the day of the show?

Here’s what you should do to watch the show on the day of the event:

  1. Log into your Ustream account
  2. Go to the broadcaster’s page
  3. Enter your code (if you didn’t do this already)

That’s all you have to do. Once the event begins, you will not have to re-enter your ticket code.

How do I activate a ticket to my account?

Go to your Dashboard click on Purchased Content, and find your event. Just select the ticket and click on the “Add a Ticket to My Account” button.

How come I can’t view a stream that was free at first?

The broadcaster has the option to give a free preview to their PPV event for 10 minutes. Once this preview is over, the broadcaster can activate a paywall. When this happens, anyone who doesn’t have a ticket will no longer have access to the content and must purchase a ticket to access the content. If you have a ticket prior to the paywall activation and you have already logged in, you will not have to do anything (as long as the code is activated in your account). If you have a ticket but are not logged in, just log in and you will be able to watch the show.

What payment methods can I pay with?

We work with PayPal to handle payment processing so you can use your PayPal account or any major credit card.

Can I see my payment history?

Yes. Just log into your account, go to your Dashboard, click on Purchased Content and click on Payment History.

Do I have to register to buy a ticket?

Yes, you will have to register for an Ustream account if you don’t already have one. This is required to watch any PPV event, to help you keep track of your tickets for all PPV events, and use our social stream/chat features during the event.

What happens when the free preview is over and I am going through the purchase flow?

If you have not paid or logged in (and you have a code), then you will see a PPV slate in the background rather than content since the preview is over, as you are going through the flow.

If I paid for the LIVE PPV, will I get access to the VOD?

Yes, if you paid for the live PPV event, you will be able to access the recorded video from this show.

I ordered a Ustream PPV ticket and can’t see the content; what should I do?

Please make sure you’ve typed (or copied & pasted) in the right ticket code and try re-entering it first.  Also make sure that the broadcaster has gone live by going to the show page and looking to see if the channel is on-air or off-air.  Otherwise, please contact our support team at ppvsupport@ustream.tv.

Do I need any special equipment to view a Ustream PPV event (for viewers)?

No you do not.

How can I contact you if I have additional questions?

We do not provide phone support at this time, however, you can reach us about your PPV questions by emailing us at ppvsupport@ustream.tv.

What is the price of a PPV event?

This will vary based on each event as individual broadcasters set the price of their own PPV events.

Source: Ustream.tv

If you have more questions or require direct assistance, please send email to support AT Ustream.tv and they will be happy to assist you.


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