Exploring the Positive Timeline

Program Schedule

AGE OF DISCOVERYBroadcast Schedule 2011-12 Archives of the first three episodes of Age of Discovery: Exploring the Positive Timeline are still available and no further episodes are scheduled at this time. The producers wish to thank our many supporters in the Truth Community and beyond whose contributions made this show possible.

For further information, please email jon@yourinnervoice.com
Date/Time of program Guest Topic
Saturday March 12, 20117-9 pm PST

Jay Weidner

Website: http://www.JayWeidner.com/

The Hidden History of Mars
Saturday March 26, 20117-9 pm PST

Jim Nichols

Website: http://www.JimNicholsUFOArt.com

Ufology: ET treaties and hidden agendas affecting Earth
Saturday April 9, 20117-9 pm PST


Phila, PA. – Free your mind conference

Joseph F. Marra D.N.P.

Website: http://www.universaltalk.info

Wellness: Transitioning Medicine

One response

  1. I can hardly wait! Looks fabulous. I’m a big fan of all the people behind this, and the starting line-up of shows looks excellent, too.

    I won’t be able to watch premiere so I hope I read Alfred’s announcement correctly that there WILL be archives to watch later online.

    Good work, folks. I have sent out the announcement to about 50 of my friends, including having it posted at RumorMillNews…

    Finally, something to watch on Saturday night!

    Best wishes for amazing success. Shari ^i^

    March 8, 2011 at 8:32 pm

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