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About the Show

Archives of the first three episodes of Age of Discovery: Exploring the Positive Timeline are still available and no further episodes are scheduled at this time. The producers wish to thank our many supporters in the Truth Community and beyond whose contributions made this show possible.

For further information, please email jon@yourinnervoice.com

Age of Discovery is supported by the supporters of the Truth Movement. All proceeds go to support the Truth Movement. Age of Discovery can be downloaded from our archives for $4.99 at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/age-of-discovery

Age of Discovery: Exploring the Positive Timeline with host Jon Kelly and regular panelists Alfred Lambremont Webre, Andrew D. Basiago, and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower premieres on Ustream.tv on the World Wide Web.


Age of Discovery is a twice monthly, two-hour online forum on Ustream.tv hosted by Vancouver, BC journalist Jon Kelly. The panelists include Exopolitics founder Alfred Lambremont Webre, time traveler Andrew D. Basiago, and cosmic mythologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.

This new, innovative interview show on one of the Internet’s leading independent television news networks is a cosmic Meet the Press that grapples with today’s emerging issues.

Every show, the panel questions a leading figure from a contemporary field of human exploration. In three 30-minute segments, the panel asks the guest to describe a new reality in his or her area of expertise, explain its relevance to our times, and evaluate its significance for the 21st century. In the final half-hour, the panel then summarizes what has been revealed during the show.

The topics are taken from 20 fields that appeal to awake and aware viewers, including alternative energy, conspiracy theory, deep politics, energy medicine, ethics, exopolitics, exo-science, futurism, nutrition, metaphysics, the paranormal, psi, social justice, space, spirituality, sustainability, time travel, Ufology, war and peace, and wellness.

The producers of Age of Discovery believe that a global awakening is upon us and that a growing number of individuals are yearning to create a new planetary culture.

The 21st century will be a time of unprecedented progress for civilization on Earth – if humanity has the foresight to choose the positive time line from the catastrophic one and create a context in which individuals and groups direct their energies to manifesting our highest human potential.



Jon Kelly is a world famous speech analyst who released key intelligence pertaining to the Iraq War two years in advance of the “Shock and Awe” strikes against Baghdad in 2003. His discoveries of encrypted communications within human speech have been featured in USA Today, Coast to Coast AM, the Huffington Post, Fox News, CBS Radio and Television, CBC, BBC London, Deutschlandradio Berlin, AOL News, UFO Digest and Forbes.com. A former CBS Radio feature producer, Jon is also a meditation practitioner whose formal training under yogic monks began while studying music in New York. As a visual artist, Jon creates photographs documenting the liberating influence of Sanskrit mantras upon the natural environment. Jon’s videos of UFOs also provide compelling evidence for the role of ET encounters in the transformation of human consciousness. As host of Age of Discovery, Jon will attempt to creatively lens a vision of the positive timeline from the statements of the guests and panelists.



Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed. is the founder of Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse (www.exopolitics.com). His book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe(Universe Books, 2005) is considered the path-finding treatise in the new field of exopolitics. His forthcoming book, Dimensions: The Dimensional Ecology of the Multi-verse, integrates empirical data from intelligent civilizations of extraterrestrials and of souls in the afterlife and provides a new hypothesis of a functioning ecology of intelligence in the dimensions of the multi-verse. Alfred was general counsel to the New York City Environmental Protection Administration, a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study), an NGO delegate to the United Nations and the UNISPACE conference, and a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. He is now developing ExoUniversity, the goal of which is to provide web-based interactive continuing education, research, information, and policy regarding Exopolitics, PsiSciences and Exosciences to individuals and institutions throughout the world.

Andrew D. Basiago, J.D., M.C.R.P. (Dist), M.Phil. (Cantab) is the founder and president of MARS (www.projectmars.net) and team leader of Project Pegasus (www.projectpegasus.net). An emerging figure in the Truth Movement, Andy is a lawyer, writer, and 21st century visionary leading a campaign to lobby the US government to disclose such controversial truths as the fact that Mars harbors life and that the US has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events. He has been identified as the first of two “planetary whistleblowers” predicted by the Web Bot, which analyzes the content of the World Wide Web to discern global trends. His writings place Andy at the forefront of contemporary Mars research. His paper TheDiscovery of Life on Mars (2008) was the first work to prove that Mars is an inhabited planet. On Coast-to-Coast AM and many other television and radio shows, Andy has shared the epic story of his experiences as one of humanity’s first “chrononauts” in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is a cosmic mythologist, teacher, and healer recognized as an embodiment of the Sophia-Magdalene archetype on Earth (www.cosmicgaia2012.com). The great granddaughter of President Eisenhower, she reveals a rare depth of public candor for a member of a presidential family by predicting the coming collapse of the Military-Industrial Complex and a global transformation driven by enlightened unity consciousness. In 2006, Laura overcame a clandestine attempt to recruit her into a secret Mars colony. Since youth, she has felt a profound calling to serve humanity and help us break free of the false matrix and misuses of power that threaten our freedom. She has been strategizing to solve the major world problems, environmental degradation and social injustices that have resulted from the negative powers of the shadow government, the divorce between humanity and spiritual gnosis, and the exile of the Divine Feminine energies from human life.  She has a superb knowledge base in frontier health, alchemy, metaphysics, esoteric cosmology and ancient history and educational credentials in science, clairvoyant healing, wilderness expedition leadership, natural healing, and building.


Music provided by exclusive license to Age of Discovery by Jim Sievers, ©2011 Civilian Population Music, all rights reserved. Available at Reverbnation.com .

Music provided under license from Banshee Worx BVBA/Subtraxx Recordings, ℗ & © 2011, all rights reserved. www.subtraxx.com


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