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Ufology: ET Treaties and Hidden Agendas affecting the Earth

Ufology: ET treaties and hidden agendas affecting the Earth

Ufology: ET treaties and hidden agendas affecting the Earth with guest Jim Nichols on Age of Discovery.

Special guest Jim Nichols joins Age of Discovery on March 26, 2011 at 7:00 pm PST (10:00 pm EST) on Ustream.tv.  Age of Discovery is a twice monthly, two-hour online forum broadcast on Ustream.tv hosted by Vancouver, BC journalist Jon Kelly.  Our panelists include Exopolitics founder Alfred Lambremont Webre, time traveler Andrew D. Basiago, and cosmic mythologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.

Since 1980, the noted artist, lecturer and investigator Jim Nichols has produced an extraordinary body of UFO illustrations that has been published internationally in books and magazines and on the Internet.  His art has been regularly featured on The History Channel’s UFO Hunters.  In addition, Jim is a prolific writer with 21 blog essays on his website that examine exopolitics — the political and social dimension of human-ET contact.  In Case Files Revealed, Jim shares the untold stories behind 40 of his most dramatic UFO illustrations, based on actual accounts, that are available at his website http://www.jimnicholsufoart.com.

Jim won two EBE awards at the International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada in 2010 for his documentary about Nazi saucers entitled The Aldebaran Mystery.


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